FAQs Carer's FAQs about childcare vouchers

How are payments made to me?
You will receive your agreed payments by BACs transfer in to your designated bank account. Paper intervention is not required for you to receive payment; the process is fully automated.

When do I get paid?
The timing and frequency of payments should be determined between yourself and the parent(s) using your service.

How will I know when I've been paid?
If you have provided email/mobile contact details you will receive a message advising you that payment has been authorised. In addition you will have access to the website to check payments made and pending.

What details do I need to provide?
When a parent nominates you to participate in the Childcare Account scheme they will provide us with your contact details. We will contact you with advise on how to register, we will also request details of your bank account for payments to be made to.

What if I am not registered or approved?
If you are not registered or approved you cannot participate in the Childcare Account scheme. You can however, begin the process and participate in the scheme once you are registered or approved. The scheme is not retrospective so can only apply once approval or registration is in place.

I am a relative looking after a child(ren), can I participate?
In most cases, the exemption will not be due if the childcarer is related to your child, even if he or she is registered or approved. The only exception is if your relative is a registered or approved childcare and runs a childcare business looking after children he or she is not related to and looking after your child is incidental to that business.