How does the Childcare Account Work? How do the Childcare Account childcare vouchers work?

An employee formally agrees to a reduction in their salary and instead receives that equivalent amount in childcare vouchers.  The first £55 week / £243 month is exempt from tax and NI.  This is called ‘salary sacrifice.’

You will be required to provide proof of your registration or approval to the appropriate employer.

Our vouchers are not actual paper vouchers but ‘virtual’ vouchers; the employer pays cash equal to the value of the vouchers in to an employee’s personal account at the Childcare Account.  The Childcare Account uses the money in an employees account to pay their nominated childcare provider.

When a parent registers with us they will nominate you as their childcare provider.  We will then contact you to advise you of your nomination and request a few more details from you.

We will provide you with a unique user name and password to register on-line and to enable you to check payments made and pending.  If you provide your email address or mobile telephone number we will send a message to advise when payments have been authorised.

If you do not have access to the internet you can still register and participate by completing a few forms.