The Childcare Account The Childcare Account is provide childcare vouchers

The Childcare Account offers a personalised, friendly and professional service to employers, parents and childcare providers.

We understand how important good quality childcare is and we also know how expensive it can be we recognised that there was a clear need to help small and medium sized employers provide a childcare voucher scheme to benefit their employees who work for them.

With 10 years experience in the childcare sector we also recognise the importance of sustainability to childcare providers, and their need to receive their monies accurately and on time. The Childcare Account offers a 'virtual' voucher scheme, all registrations and payments are managed electronically through our secure website and the secure BACS system.

We wanted to make accessing the benefits and paying for childcare so easy and economic that anyone could use it. So with the support of the best electronic voucher company, Care4, we developed our scheme. Then we tailored it even further and made it more appropriate and accessible and even easier to use for those wanting to pay all of their childcare costs through one route without added cost.

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