How does the Childcare Account work? How do the Childcare Account childcare vouchers work?

An employer is required to register their organisation’s details on our secure website.  They will be requested to select a unique user name and password for themselves and a first time user name and password for their employees to log-on and register.

Once an employee has registered, they will receive their personal Childcare Account details with all the operational information they will need – account number, carer name(s) and code(s).  We will send separately their unique password that will give individual access to the system and authority to make payments to their carer(s).

Thereafter, on a monthly basis, on an agreed date the employer transmits payments to the Childcare Account who then credit individual employees childcare accounts with the corresponding amounts submitted by their employers. 

Employees simply authorise payment(s) to their designated carer(s)on agreed monthly dates.  Employees can, if they wish, arrange to pay for carers on a more flexible basis e.g., for holiday play schemes.

There is provision for changing and/or adding to employee’s original carer nominees on line.

Carers who advise their email address or mobile telephone number will receive confirmation of all authorised payments.