Who is the Childcare Account? The Childcare Account is a childcare voucher provider

Designed for employers who are looking for a professional service the Childcare Account has been developed to enable employers and parents to benefit from current legislation.

More than a childcare voucher scheme, it is an account that salary sacrifice and potentially child tax credits and child benefits can be paid in to so all monies go towards the cost of childcare. You can salary sacrifice the total cost of your childcare and have it paid in to your Childcare Account so you only pay your carer once (tax and NIC exemptions only apply to the first 55 week / 243 per month).

Anybody can request information and express an interest in the Childcare Account scheme and literature is available for employers, parents and carers.

Childcare vouchers are an employer provided benefit so the scheme will not be active until an employer agrees to offer the scheme and register their details with us.

Unfortunately self-employed people are not eligible to participate in childcare voucher schemes.